Robot is taking care of customers in the restaurant

New age is here! Customers are served by a robot. Robot is working nonstop and it doesn’t want any breaks. Customers who have visited Silvie restaurant in Orlová in recent days could not believe their eyes. A robot was taking care of them. Check out the article written by Patriot magazine.

Despite the world is moving fast and modern technology is evolving as fast as rocket speed, nobody would expect seeing robot in Orlová. The new assistant has been a part of Silvia stuff for a few days now. Silvia (together with another Prague company) became the first restaurant in Europe with this type of operating robot.

At the moment when the order have to be delivered to the table, robot goes into action. "It arrives to the table, plays recorded message and let the customers take their meal. Another waiter can also follow the robot, however we experienced that guests are happy to take food from robot by themselves," said Miroslav Hampel from KVADOS, comapany from Ostrava who brough these robots to the country in cooperation with their subsidiary BETTAROE Robotics.

It is safe

On the robot’s display, restaurant stuff sets the number of the table where the order have to be delivered. "The is really safe because od sensors placed on all sides. Even though it is fast, it will not run into anything. The robot will warn anyone who will stand in front of it," Miroslav Hampel added.

Gastronomical robots are a big news in Czech Republic, however in China, where they came from, robots are ordinary thing.

"In Asia, we can find thousand of them. This model is high-quality made so it is really famous among children. It is because it speaks when some child touches it. In addition, the robot looks like a cat. It’s upper part is designed like cat’a head," said Hampel.

In the future, robots would not only bring food to tables in restaurants, but also take empty plates from customers. This should be done by using QR codes and special mobile apps for customers to call the robot.

The robot works seven days a week

A smaller model which has two shelves instead of four and which is narrower, so it is suitable for Cafes, should be released soon. "We already have an order made by large network of cafes in Slovakia," said Hampel. He also spoke about another news: "We are also going to order a moder for hotels which will work as a room servise. The robot consists of a small cabinet in which it can carry a sandwich or drink. It is able to deliver snacks to hotel rooms. Robot can also call the elevetaro by itself, call the guest and wait him outside the room."

Robots are no longer an idea fot the future, but the reality. Robotic waiter helping out in the Orlová restaurant costs about 350 thousand crowns withou tax.

"Renting a robot is also possible. It costs from 15 thousand crowns a month. It works seven days a week, it doesn’t need a vacation and he can work two shifts a day," Miroslav Hampel said and smiled.

Source: Patriot, Petr Sobol:

Gastro robots are delivered by BETTAROE Robotics, which was integrated into KVADOS GROUP this year. Bettaroe have begun to specialize exclusively on facility robots, their development, sales, distribution to Europe and especially on their installation and long-term service. Thanks to KVADOS group, there is possibility to offer robots for rent in shor-term ot long-term.

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