Apart from supplying robots, we also take care of the accompanying services that go hand in hand with the robots.


We provide complete servicing for all facility robots we deliver, whether they are under warranty or not.

Our services:

  • warranty service
  • out-of-warranty service
  • software updates
  • regular maintenance
  • spare parts
  • service packages
  • on-site technician who travels to the installation and operation site
  • installation work
As an authorized service partner, we keep a 100% stock
of spare parts. We offer 24/7 remote support and, in the framework of the service contract, we guarantee regular proactive and preventive maintenance, replacement of worn parts that naturally wear out during operation and repairs
in the event of breakdowns or damage to machines, both under warranty and out of warranty.
We offer various levels of service packages (GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE) that guarantee a contractual response to any and every service request, a technician will travel to the installation site, or time spent on repairs and recommissioning or the loan of replacement equipment.

Support throughout Europe

We can provide local support throughout Europe.

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Bettaroe Robotics offers many types of financing that are suitable for simple or extensive projects, for small
or large companies. In addition, we offer a range of hire options from short-term hire, ranging from weeks
or months, to long-term leases.


No need to worry about a thing. Just hire a robot and pay depending on how many hours it works. The rental also includes regular service and long-term supervision, so all responsibility for operating the robot is on us. Depending on the level of service (GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE) we guarantee the response times for troubleshooting, including the option of hiring a spare for the duration of the repair.

Success fee

For more complex integrations and more extensive implementations, you can use the success fee, i.e., payment for success, where you only pay for the services if they bring you benefits and the project is successful. In addition to the usual methods of funding, some projects can be paid for from savings made by Bettaroe Robotics’ more efficient system solutions.

We’ll calculate the savings you’ll make from using autonomous robots directly on your premises. Contact us!

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Return on investment study

We’ll reduce your operating costs.

Return on investment study

We will propose a cleaning solution for your business and calculate the return on the investment.


We will conduct a return-on-investment study for your business: we analyse the current situation, propose the best solution with regard to cleaning time and the specifics of your premises, we identify all the advantages/disadvantages, calculate the savings and the return on investment.

We have experience in a wide variety of sectors such as healthcare, office or commercial premises, covered car parks, manufacturing activities. Our solutions are also used by customers operating in the aerospace, automotive or food industry.

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