Ing. Michal Zelenák

Head of Safety&Security and Crisis Management
department at Na Homolce Hospital
"I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and precision, with which the cleaning robot works. We had initial concerns about how the robot would cope with our operation, and here the technique proved to be absolutely reliable and debugged and we didn't run into a single problem or a collision between the robot and the staff or visitors.
I am glad that we are among the first in the republic to use these cleaning robots, and I can only recommend them to others."

Pavel Tyleček

Director of the Cleaning Services Division
CENTRA, a. s.
"Our company follows all modern trends in the field of cleaning technology and I am glad that we are in cooperation with the Bettaroe Robotics company, they were able to bring to our client the Hospital in Homolce, a modern solution for cleaning using the robotic device GS Scrubber 50. We were very pleasantly surprised by the results of tests in real operation, and we are already actively developing cooperation for other clients and objects. The use of automatic robots in facility management is certainly a modern trend, in which our company also wants to be actively involved."

Alexandra Čarády

Director of a retail chain
Panta Rhei, s.r.o.
"We are proud that we were the first in Slovakia, in cooperation with the company Bettaroe, to come up with this innovation in the world of coffee shops. After just a few days of driving Bella at our Bratislava operation, we could conclude that customers really liked it The robot is funny, perceives the environment and can communicate with the customer within certain limits, which always brings a smile to the customer's face. We are pleased with the positive reactions of our clients, especially those from children. Our goal was to bring the most modern technology to Café Dias and also a new experience for our customers. We currently have 3 robots for rent and we are thinking about which of our establishments we will add this kind help to."
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