Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions? Below you will find the most frequently asked ones. If you can’t find your question, then please don’t hesitate to contact us via the form.

How does ECOBOT clean?

In essence, ECOBOTs are autonomous hard floor cleaners - they dispense water/solution onto the floor, scrub the floor with either brushes or scouring pads, and then vacuum up the water so the floor is clean and dry. The ECOBOT can be equipped for dust removal in dry environments.

Can ECOBOTS be moved to a completely new location and automatically start cleaning?

The simple answer is no. ECOBOTs will start cleaning once two steps have been completed. The first is to create a map and the second is to create the cleaning paths. Both steps can be completed in a few minutes.

How do ECOBOTs create maps and cleaning paths?

Maps are easily created in minutes by driving/moving the ECOBOT around a new area. This allows the LiDAR sensors to create a CAD diagram as a map. Cleaning paths can be created using two simple methods:
1. Teach and Follow - whatever I do the machine follows
2. Automatic cover - mark out a square and the machine fills the centre.

Can the ECOBOT detect obstacles, moving people and even glass?

Yes, ECOBOT is built using the latest sensors (2D and 3D LiDAR, 3D cameras and ultrasound) and has state-of-the-art safety systems that ensure zero collisions and safety incidents.

Are there obstacles that the ECOBOTs can’t detect?

The robots have been rigorously tested to avoid small objects up to 8 centimetres in height, even in dynamic scenarios. Upon coming into contact with smaller and shorter objects, the ECOBOT’s shock-sensitive bumpers stop it from moving.

How close can the ECOBOT get to the edge of a wall?

The ECOBOT’s front brush head allows it to clean a space up to 5 centimetres from the walls, however, for safety considerations, we do not recommend setting the distance below 10 centimetres from the wall.

What happens if the robot stops halfway?

If the robot stops on its way for more than 30 seconds, it sends a text message notifying the operator for assistance. At the end of the cleaning task, the robot will send a cleaning report to indicate the uncleaned areas.

What is the maintenance for these robots?

Bettaroe provides a maintenance service programme that includes monthly or quarterly on-site diagnostics, as well as remote monitoring and 24/7 support. The basic daily maintenance for filling and cleaning is similar to current procedures required for manual or automatic floor scrubbers.

Do you provide purchase and hire options?

Yes, both options are available for ECOBOTS.
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