About us


Bettaroe Robotics arose at the impetus of a tireless admirer of robots who sought solutions to increase operational efficiency in real-world corporate environments. This is our colleague Tomáš Kochaníček. In the company’s early years, he was involved in developing innovative solutions for a whole range of areas, be that in the logistics segment or facility robots.


In early 2020, it was a traditional start-up of a few enthusiasts. They convinced the first investor to support the idea of building a modern company in the Czech Republic, one focused on using robots in industrial practice. However, the ambition was to operate throughout Europe. Thanks to previous contacts in Asia, there were the first inklings of cooperation with a number of innovative manufacturers and innovators for particular areas. We started the joint development of cleaning robots, which led to the birth
of the first range of facility robots - WENDY, BILLY and others.


Subsequently, we managed to establish close cooperation with GS Robotics Ltd. They are a world leader in this field and supply the market with products under the GS brand. This ties in with the close international collaboration between Gaussian Robotics (Shanghai) and IFSC (Singapore), which has produced unrivalled robotic solutions based on over 100 years of experience in cleaning services. Thanks to this, we can now bring unique and proven products to the market. Products that provide high-quality and reliable cleaning in demanding logistics, commercial, industrial and office environments. We focus on both sweeping and wet mopping, using robots that do not need an operator for the actual cleaning and are self-sufficient and autonomous for many service operations.


2021 brought another milestone in our history, when several months of working with KVADOS resulted in the KVADOS Group acquiring Bettaroe Robotics. With the acquisition, the company not only gained a strategic investor, but also a partner for further development. The company’s activities were divided in the framework of the KVADOS Group. Bettaroe began to specialize solely in the field of facility robots, their development, sales, distribution in Europe and, above all, their installation and long-term service. Thanks to the KVADOS Group’s background, the possibility of offering robots on a short- or long-term hire basis has been expanded. The activities in the field of logistics solutions and robots have been taken over by our sister company KVADOS Robotics. Working with KVADOS, they offer comprehensive solutions including modern and complex WMS systems complemented by a comprehensive supply of automation and robotization.


Nowadays the Bettaroe Robotics team offers extensive experience to help solve your cleaning requirements using automation and robotization. We do not simply sell equipment, rather we provide comprehensive advice, we get to know your premises and propose the best solution. You can hire our robots on a short-term basis and see for yourself that the solutions and recommended models we put forward do in fact meet all your expectations. Naturally, we will give you a return-on-investment calculation plus an offer for a purchase or long-term rental.

However, our cooperation does not end there. If you buy or rent our equipment, we offer you a regular service contract and the supply of the necessary robots and spare parts, which we keep in stock. We can guarantee the repair time defined in the service contract.

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