A uniquely innovative robot for restaurants

Do you want to improve the quality of your services? Do you like the idea of your customers leaving with an unforgettable experience? We have the perfect solution for you! Introducing BellaBot, the cutest robot there is to efficiently serve food, dishes, napkins, documents and other items.

The robot’s innovative bionic design, appealing shape, voice AI, multimodal interaction plus many other new features mean
it offers users an unprecedented experience with food delivery robots. BellaBot meets all HORECA requirements and can be used in restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, office buildings and other commercial spheres.

What can BellaBot do?

BellaBot ensures food, dishes, napkins, documents and other items are delivered efficiently. Another advantage is the voice, that calls the table number, and its exact arrival to the destination. When it arrives, it prompts customers to remove their food by flashing the lights on the tray. Last but not least, it becomes a gentleman as it greets guests and ushers them to their table.

Why consider a BellaBot?

It’s astonishing

BellaBot is inspired by the popular cat and its bionic design makes it unique. The artificial intelligence voice system allows
it to have dialogues with customers in various contexts. What’s more, when you touch its ears or forehead, BellaBot responds with different expressions and voices.

It’s safe

BellaBot offers a high level of safety, as it is equipped with 3D sensors and a new modular chassis. When it detects
an obstacle, it can turn any which way and safely deliver food to customers without collisions or spills. If there is an obstacle, it reacts within half a second.

It’s easy to use

The robot simultaneously uses two SLAM navigation systems that guarantee accuracy and ease of use and can adapt to any space. It can deal with obstacles without you having to indicate them. It chooses the optimal route according to the operating environment.

It’s tough

Each robot travels up to 73,000 kilometres in an endurance test! Apart from this, once fully charged, BellaBot can run all day.

An expert at intelligent delivery

More deliveries

BellaBot can deliver roughly 400 meals and drinks in a restaurant in one day. A waiter could deliver 200-300 meals in the same amount of time. While BellaBot delivers the food, the waiters can focus on other services. Waiters can give their full attention to the customers (e.g., greeting them and recommending local specialities), which increases customer satisfaction. This is how BellaBot helps to reduce costs and increase efficiency in a restaurant.

Greater loads

BellaBot can carry large trays (41 x 50 cm), so twice as much food can be carried on one tray than if it was done by hand.

Coordinating multiple robots

BellaBot also offers a multi-robot mode. This means up to 20 robots can move in one place at the same time. BellaBot can handle any environment, it can serve guests in a small restaurant of a few square metres or in an area larger than a hectare.

BellaBot references

Technical specification

565 x 537 x 1290 mm
410 x 500 mm
385 x 480 mm
57 kg
max 40 kg
25,2 V/ 25,6 Ah
Powe exchange technology allows for easy removal and replacement of the battery to ensure BellaBot´s continuous operation
12—14 hours
4,5 hours
Standard: a height of 5 metres, and a code sticker is required

 Advanced: no specific requirement for the height, but a standardized enviroment is required
Minimum size of object for obstable avoidance: 35 x 50 x 100 mm

 Minimum clearance: 0,7 m
A maximum of 20 robots of the same version can be dispatched at the same time
0,5—1,2 m/s (adjustable)
≤ 5°
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