The Scrubber 50 is cleaning at the Na Homolce Hospital

We have concluded a contract for the lease of a cleaning robot with CENTRA, a. s., a company that provides, among other things, cleaning services for the Na Homolce Hospital. After a few weeks of testing, the client decided to use this modern technology for its regular daily cleaning of the hospital premises.

This is the GS Scrubber 50 model, which cleans the premises by means of wet washing. A docking station is also installed within the premises, it is here that the robot recharges and also refills cleaning fluids. Part of the installation involved the robot making a map of the entire cleaning area and several complications relating to, for example, high inlet water pressure had to be resolved. However, everything was successfully managed, and the robot has been in routine operation since 1 April 2021.

We asked Mr Pavel Tyleček, Director of the Cleaning Services Division at CENTRA, a. s., for his opinion. “Our company follows all modern trends with regards to cleaning technology and I am glad that, in cooperation with Bettaroe Robotics, we could bring our client, the Na Homolce Hospital, a modern cleaning solution using the GS Scrubber 50 robot. We were very pleasantly surprised by the results of the tests during actual operation and are already actively developing cooperation for other clients and facilities. Using automated robots in facility management is definitely a modern trend that our company wants to take an active part in”.

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