KVADOS has completed the acquisition of Bettaroe Robotics

After more than a year of cooperation, we agreed to acquire Bettaroe Robotics, whose original owner was René Horejsek. By means of the KVADOS GROUP, the KVADOS Group acquired a 100% share of Bettaroe Robotics.

KVADOS is a major supplier in the field of managing logistics and manufacturing operations as well as solutions for warehouse management with its own product mySTOCK WMS. Recently, it has also focused on solutions for logistics automation and robotization. It was in this context that it started cooperating with Bettaroe Robotics, which eventually resulted in the aforementioned acquisition. The KVADOS Group will thus gain distribution representation for the entire European Union for the import of AGV autonomous forklifts as well as for crate and carton handling solutions supplied by HAI Robotics.

Bettaroe Robotics will still be an independent company within the KVADOS Group and together with another subsidiary, KVADOS Robotics, it will develop its distribution portfolio, its offer of robotic solutions and technology, including supplying facilities with robots from GS Robotics to handle security, or representing the Cubiscan brand. There will be continued cooperation with the CEO of Bettaroe Robotics, Tomáš Kochaníček, who is one of the leading experts in robotization in the Czech Republic. Tomáš Kochaníček is now part of the KVADOS Group’s top management team.

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